About the Project

This website devoted to the Folimanka Civil Protection Shelter arose purely from the work of enthusiasts and has not been financed by any third party.

All text and some photo materials (from Kamila Okáč, Eman Macoun and Martty Forrest) on the site are freely available (under the condition that if used an active link to the Folimanka Shelter website will be inserted) for promotional purposes.



We would like to here thank Mr. Ladislav Veselák and  Mr. Jan Mikeš from the Risk, Crisis and Security Management Department for helping with the website content. A sincere thank you also goes to Mr Petr Tomíšek, the web administrator of Prague 2,  for creating links to web pages.



A big thank you also goes to the following persons and organizations for helping us with the website and its content (text, photographs, backlinks etc.).


Website design and development Jaromír Navara, Naymi
Girl Friday Daniel Felix Hrouzek, Eva Martin
Photographs Kamil Okáč, Emanuel Macoun, Martty Forrest
Translation into English Kate H., Steve Martin
Partners projects
Monty Martin Bezdíček Gercenova Fallout Shelter
Jakub Bouček, Patrik Jambor Fortifikace
Filip Procházka Living history group KVH 276th Sqdn (reenacted)
Jakub Houžvička Jamrtal - Nusle valley history
Ladislav Kratochvíl (Kráťa) Orbi Pontes
Ladislav Kratochvíl (Kráťa) Kochlear